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Doc WG Title Description Status Date published
JAR doc 01 JAR-DEL WG3 Certification Spec for LURS Certification Specification for Light Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems Published 30/10/2013
JAR doc 02 JAR-DEL WG5 RPAS C2 Link RCP Guidance material to explain the concept of C2 link RCP and identify the requirements applicable to the provision of C2 communications.(SEE UPGRADED C2 Link RLP document JAR-doc-13) Published 10/10/2014
JAR doc 03 JAR-DEL WG1 FCL Recommendations The document aims at providing recommendations concerning uniform personnel licensing and competencies in the operation of RPAS Published 09/09/2015
JAR doc 04 JAR-DEL WG6 AMC RPAS 1309 (package) Document developed as an integral part of a type-certification process. It is a means of compliance to a 1309 airworthiness requirement. Published 01/11/2015
JAR doc 05 JAR-DEL WG3 CS-LUAS It provides recommendations for States to use for their own national legislation, concerning Certification Specification for Light Unmanned Aeroplane Systems.


JAR doc 06 JAR-DEL WG6

SORA (Package)


Standard Scenarios

The document recommends a risk assessment methodology to establish a sufficient level of confidence that a specific operation can be conducted safely. Along with the document there is the Executive Summanry and the Annexes;  Annex A - Guidelines on collecting and presenting system and operation information for a specific UAS operation and, Annex B - Integrity and assurance levels for the mitigations used to reduce the Intrinsic Ground Risk Classes, Annex C - Strategic Mitigation Collision Risk Assessment, Annex D - Tactical Mitigations Collission Risk Assessment, Annex E - Integrity and assurance levels for the Operational Safety Objectives (OSO) and Annex I - Glossary of Terms




Annex A and Annex I


JAR doc 07 JAR-DEL WG5 CPDLC The Controller Pilot Data Link Communications document is meant to summarize the most relevant information about CPDLC and the supported ATS services, and to associate them with RPAS operations. Published 20/06/2016
JAR doc 08 JAR-DEL WG4 Detect and Avoid This document describes the methods to derive design objectives for DAA systems based on airspace requirements. Internal Consultation  
JAR doc 09 JAR-DEL WG7 RPAS Operational Categorization Categorization scheme that describes the level of regulatory involvement for the varying types of UAS and UAS operations.




JAR doc 10 JAR-DEL WG1 FCL GM Guidance material to the JARUS FCL Recommendation


JAR doc 11 JAR-DEL WG4 Detect & Avoid CONOPS for VLL operations It is intended to allow for further developments and elaboration of the operational concept for UAS at VLL. Internal Consultation  
JAR doc 12 JAR-DEL WG5 RPAS C2 Link CONOPS This document is focusing  on the C2 Link. It includes a large setcion on the Aeronautical Information (AIS) and Meteorological Information (MET) that are needed from an aircraft (RPA) perspective when operating in airspace using the C2 Link. Internal Consultation  
JAR doc 13 JAR-DEL WG5 Required C2 Performance (RLP) concept RCP acronym has been modified to RLP to avoid confusion between current RCP supporting ATM functions and the required C2 Link performance in support of the command and control functions. Published


JAR doc 14 JAR-DEL WG2 OPS Cat A The two documents include recommendation for operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems involved in manufacturing, operations, maintenance and service provision. It is based on categorization A & B as per the RPAS Operational categorization of WG 7 and SORA developed by WG 6.


OPS Cat B 02/05/2019
JAR doc 15 JAR-DEL WG1 UAS RPC CAT A and CAT B The aim of this document is to provide recommendations to competent authorities (national authorities or Regional Safety Oversight Organisations) to use their own national legislation, concerning uniform remote pilot competency for operations in Caterogy A (Open) and Category B (Specific). Published 10/10/2019
JAR doc G JAR-DEL SEC JARUS GLOSSARY The purpose of the JARUS Glossary is to promote a common understanding of the terms and abbreviations used in the JARUS deliverables' documents. We have also considered other definitions and terms from other organisations and working groups. This is a living document that will be regularly updated. Published 20/07/2018