External consultations

Welcome to the JARUS comment tool:

JARUS invites comments on all documents put forward for external consultation through a link to the JARUS Share point portal. Registration is required to submit your comments so please register in One Sky Team online. If you do not have a password, then self-register in here and let the JARUS Secretariat know when you have done so in order to give you access to this portal (email to: contact@jarus-rpas.org).


For your information

All documents published for External Consultation must go through the following process:

  1. Before documents are published, the draft is sent out to the JARUS members for Internal Consultation and once comments are gathered, the JARUS Plenary Team must approve the final document to be published in the web site for External Consultation.
  2. The deadline has to be respected and access to the tool will be closed the day after.
  3. Working group leaders will review the comments made and will discuss them with the other working group members.


Documents for comments


UAS Operational Categorization: Section 4 – Category B - Click in HERE to go to the document and the tool to make comments

Please note that the external consultation is only on “Section 4 - Medium Risk Operations” from page 27 to 30.

Section 4 describes Category B, medium risk operations. It provides details on the approach and considerations for the category, details of the Authority involvement in the aircraft design and airworthiness/operational approval, and provisions for Safety Management Systems (SMS)/Continued Operational Safety (COS).