The Stakeholder Consultation Body (SCB) is a self-governing association of aviation industry organizations, established to provide expertise and advice to support the JARUS Work Program, JARUS Working Groups, and deliverables.  SCB representatives and alternates represent diverse and evolving Communities of Interest (COI) and represent all sectors of the aviation industry.   The SCB acts as a forum of stakeholder interests to enable their views to be represented and discussed in an open and constructive manner to facilitate the establishment of balanced and consolidated JARUS deliverables.  The SCB membership is organized through Communities of Interest comprised of stakeholder representative bodies that may be part of one or more Communities of Interest.   A representative and alternate are chosen for each COI group from within the COI group of stakeholder representative bodies.  The Chair and Vice-Chair are chosen by the current representatives.  Two at-large representatives and alternates are also chosen by the current COI representatives.   The term of the Chair, Vice-Chair and representatives and alternates is one year from election, but they may continue after that date until the selection of a successor.   If you are interested in participating in the SCB, please contact Fredrik Nordstroem, SCB Chair, at

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Aerospace and Defence Industries

Association of Europe

Alliance for Drone Innovation

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe
European Helicopter Association

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale

The international Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations

The International Air Transport Association

International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations

Small UAV Coalition 

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