Undergraduate – Program Structure

Mission Statement:

To prepare for global challenges and empower for change. 


Our undergraduate program aims to provide a complete set of inter-disciplinary knowledge, accompanied by a well-rounded and wholistic experience, fostering an environment suitable for growth.

Prepare students to grow intellectually, develop professionally, and change personally, so they can successfully engage in the world stage.


The Global Governance program will engage students to achieve the following goals:

  1. Acquire an inter-disciplinary foundational knowledge of Global Governance areas of relevance.
  2. Cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of international issues critical for world development and peace.
  3. Learn important skills for effective problem solving.
  4. Engage in experiential learning via a capstone project.
  5. Develop cultural capabilities for effective collaboration and cooperation.
Figure 1. Building blocks of the GG program.
Figure 2. Logical scaffolding of subject areas.

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