PhD in Global Governance PhD GG – Program Structure

Mission Statement:

The mission of our PhD in GG program is to immerse and deeply engage our students at the intersect of advanced knowledge in governance and reflective global practices, in a quasi-scholarly-practice cultural environment that is inclusive, respectful, diverse and fair, dedicated to global public welfare.


We believe that global governance is primary to global social citizenship. Driven to make the world a better place, our program aims to transform academic as well as professional track candidates into outstanding global citizens, by acquiring advanced Independent, Inter-disciplinary, and international knowledge through innovative, experiential and reflective teaching and learning methods, SGG I4 Method. In sum, we aim to build global capacity and improve global governance by building outstanding individuals with values rooted in international collaboration, inclusivity and fairness, to improve global governance practices.


Graduate students are nurtured to acquire a deep understanding of related theories, sophisticated knowledge, and cultured practices, developing into world class professionals via reflective practices, experiential learning, and coaching. Our program has two tracks, namely for professionals seeking a high-level career in global governance, and researchers seeking academic careers in higher education.

More specifically, our goals are:

  1. To build capacity and develop capabilities, customized for candidates seeking academic careers or practitioners with ambition to join public or private sectors.
  2. To cultivate divergent thinking through an interdisciplinary learning ecosystem which entails integrative and wholistic knowledge of the underlying theories for global governance, and practice from around the world.
  3. To develop a methodical and rigorous mentality in solving problems and decision making, genuinely understanding on how to deal with diversity, uncertainty and bias.
  4. To enrich student’s global cultural awareness, via interaction with a broad range of practitioners and researcher from around the world.
  5. To enhance student’s capacity to work across borders, by getting involved in projects, grounded research, and/or internships.

Note: Consider to collaborate with joint PhD GG University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Based on current BIT PhD program:

  • Students need to take 6 compulsory courses
  • This means that only 5 courses are required to be developed.

Suggestions for 5 GG PhD courses:

  • Identify and recommend acceptable courses for our program.
  • Each professor in SGG can propose one course of his own to open for our PhD students.
  • Build template for students to request to take a course that is not on our list.
  • Build request for student to take a reading course.

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