UAS Courses at the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA)

The JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) is a Dutch non-profit organisation and an Associated Body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), with a history of 50 years training in aviation for both industry and regulatory authorities. JAA TO is the only Training Centre of Excellence – Platinum (TCE) in Europe recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and a leading member of the EASA Virtual Academy (EVA).

In the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – commonly referred to as drones – JAA-TO offers a portfolio of short training courses to ensure safe and secure operations, compliant with the provisions of ICAO, the recommended requirements of JARUS and the most relevant regional regulations (e.g. ACSA, EASA, SRVSOP, etc…). The courses also provide information on supporting industry standards (e.g. by ASTM, EUROCAE, ISO, etc…) and examples of implementation in some States (e.g. for geozones and for regulating governmental non-military UAS flights).

The available courses offer a comprehensive and sequenced learning path in the world of UAS:

  • UAS – INI (Initial), accredited by ICAO as a Standard Training Package (STP) completely asynchronous and online, providing the basis to relate UAS to the Chicago Convention, to explain the role of several organisations including JARUS and to compare aviation regulatory processes with processes ensuring safety of industrial products (the latter include small UAS)
  • UAS – AWE (Airworthiness and Equipment) covering the processes in the open, specific and certified categories and the most relevant Certification Specifications, including from JARUS
  • UAS – SOC (Societal Concerns) on matters beyond safety, such as security, enforcement, counter-UAS, liability, insurance, privacy, data protections and noise
  • UAS -OPS based on Part IV of Annex 6 to the Chicago Convention, ICAO Model UAS Regulations, JARUS-OPS and EU Regulation 2019/947
  • UAS – SORA, based on the methodology developed by JARUS and transposed by some authorities (e.g. EASA), always aligned with the latest JARUS developments.
  • UAS – RPC (Remote Pilot Competence), accredited by ICAO as Integrated Training Package (ITP) and based on Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention, JARUS-FCL and JARUS-RPC and examples of transposition in EU/EASA and elsewhere.

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