JARUS Whitepaper on Considerations for Automation of the Airspace Environment

JARUS is pleased to announce the release of its whitepaper addressing the considerations for the automation of the airspace environment.The whitepaper aims to provide a comprehensive outline for assessing the impact of automation on various facets of aviation safety. It emphasizes the importance of considering automation in the context of enhancing safety measures while also paving the way for the future evolution of automation within airspace operations.

Key highlights of the whitepaper include:

  • Safety-Centric Approach
  • Guidelines for Automation Implementation
  • Scope Limitations

JARUS acknowledges the complexity and multifaceted nature of integrating automation into airspace operations. Therefore, this whitepaper serves as a foundational document, providing a structured framework for stakeholders to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by automation while upholding safety standards.

For further inquiries or to access the whitepaper, please contact JARUS directly.

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