JAR doc 06 SORA (package)

Publication 28 July 2017 

JARUS guidelines on Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA)
JARUS guidelines on SORA Annex A - Collecting and presenting system and operation information for a specific UAS operation
JARUS guidelines on SORA Annex I - Glossary of Terms




This first issue of the SORA is meant to inspire operators and approving authorities and to highlight the benefits of a harmonized risk assessment methodology. As the work on the SORA evolves, feedback from operators and authorities that use the SORA is highly beneficial. The group is therefore making a call to everyone that will use the methodology to provide this feedback. For this reason, a specific "feedback form" has been created at http://jarus-rpas.org/feedback/SORA

Many thanks in advance for any  inputs you are able to provide.